Vanaja's Fine Art

Vanaja's Fine Art - Oils, Watercolours, Acrylic

Time flies when I paint, whether I’m holding a brush or a palette knife. The freshness and transparency of watercolours, the vibrancy of acrylics, and the buttery feel of oils transport me into a different frame of mind.

I take lots of pictures on my extensive travels. I see beauty in nature whether it is in Eze and Collioure in France, Venice and Capri in Italy, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, or right here in Ontario, Canada. In translating them on to canvas, I revisit these places in my paintings. And of course, there is plein air painting when the weather is not too cold!

Some of my subject matter is about people's daily routines, as in the mother in India sitting by the road side nursing her baby, the old beggar woman whose wrinkled face can tell a thousand stories, or the entire Mennonite family on an Ontario farm during haying time.

Other times I am driven to abstracts...letting the colour, design, composition, values etc. take whatever free form they want to take, till the end result becomes a visual feast!

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